Shiny white smile in just 2 minutes

  • Fast
  • Switch on the light for 2 minutes!
  • Simple
  • In 21 minutes you will have a shiny white smile!
  • Harmless
  • The blue LED light activates the ions in the gel!

How Ionic White™ works?

Shiny white smile in just 2 minutes?*



The effect is evident after the 2nd minute of the operation through the blue LED light and 21 minutes later, your teeth will be visibly whiter.*

* Results may vary depending on individual teeth condition and enamel type.

What does Ionic White™ represent?

  • An ionic technology to whiten your teeth at home Activated through a LED light;
  • Now with Ionic White™ your dreamt perfect white smile can be a reality and a necessity for your self-esteem!
Impress others with a nice smile!

White teeth make you smile more. A shiny smile is a precondition for good conversation, positive emotions during the time of communication and provoking the will to prolong the conversation. Tobacco and the consumption of foods and drinks such as coffee, tea, red wine, some fruits, vegetables and juices inevitably have a negative effect on the colour of your teeth.

White teeth will increase your self-esteem!

It is something very important in anybody's life! It isn't any secret that intimate communication is not friendly when in front of someone with darkened teeth. Frequently the yellowing of teeth also doesn't seem very healthy and leaves an unpleasant sensation at a subconscious level.

A shiny white smile is a precondition for success!

In any conversation, for business or leisure, white and shiny teeth are the first things that are noticed! Do not forget: This is your secret triumph in order to achieve your objectives! Just see the result: with a nice smile you will already be able to change your destiny by exercising an influence over your work, your friendships and relationships with the opposite sex.

If my teeth tend to yellow due to the penetration of the enamel of substances contained in foods and tobacco, what could I do to combat the problem?

Whitening at the dentist’s is expensive. Although, the Ionic White™ technology application plays part of the techniques of the more innovative and more developed dental cares through LED light (light emitting diodes). The use of LED technology increases the action of the whitening gel and, at the same time, is harmless whilst it is the closest thing to natural light.

A blue LED light is applied in Ionic White™. The light represents electromagnetic waves with a fulfillment of a different wave. The LED light is cold. It is emitted through semi-conducting diodes and it does not emit thermal energy. Through this the Ionic White™ is applied. The treatment doesn't run any risks: through there being no emission of heat, it doesn't prejudice in any way the mouth cavity and the human organism in general. The Ionic White™ techniques can be applied to the teeth themselves and to sensible gums.

The blue LED light possesses an antibacterial characteristic and purifying effect, it has the ability to act on the marks and furthermore activate the silver ions in the gel, additionally acting in the whitening process. The blue LED light kills bacteria that cause problems in teeth - darkening, stain, and caries. The development of products that use ions to whiten teeth, of which action is activate by the LED light, plays part of the latest innovation in mouth cavity care.

Ions for teeth whitening have never been used until today. Soon after the creation of Ionic White™, the product was patented for the markets of the United States and the whole world, not just because it is a new technology but because it is exclusively efficient and it doesn’t jeopardise the health at all. The technique used by Ionic White™ is easily applied and it produces quick results - it is applied at home without taking away your comfort.

The users that have applied Ionic White™ and that have frequented a course of whitening treatment at the dentist's, do not find any difference, just in the price. A statistical study shows that 89% of interviewees feel that the Ionic White™ technology is the most harmless of all teeth whitening products at home, and 84% recommend it and declare that they would use it again if it were needed.

What the Ionic White™ system includes:

  • Battery
  • Device with luminous unit
  • 30ml Whitening Spray (Step 1)
  • 15 ml Whitening Activator Spray (Step 2)
  • Whitening Gel Tubes
  • Whitening Activator Gel Tubes
  • Manual
  • 1
  • 1
  • 1
  • 1
  • 3
  • 3
  • 1

Now you can trust in the Ionic White™ teeth whitening method which is efficient and harmless, and all of this at home!


Warning: The use of dental whitening products with a hydrogen peroxide content above 0.1% (for example 0.2%, 0.5%, 1% or more) is absolutely unadvisable and can jeopardise dental enamel forever and this cannot be replaced! Ionic White™ completely meets the requirements of the European Act 76/768/CEE relative to the use of teeth whitening products with hydrogen peroxide content, natural content or separately, in a quantity of no more than 0.1%!

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Become the person with the nicest smile thanks to Ionic White™

What to do so that the others see a woman or a man with a nice smile in you?

Fast and easy! With Ionic White™!

When you want to change the first impression that others have of you due to the bad appearance of your teeth, then look no further! A method already exists and it comes without risks!

If you have lost your beautiful smile, do not give up now because Ionic White™ exists! Thanks to this, it can quickly make turn your teeth from yellow into shiny and white: In just 21 minutes. With Ionic White™ you will be happy in seeing the change in the colour of your teeth and this will not take months, neither will it cost you expensive visits to the dentist. Now you can easily alter your smile yourself by following the instructions of use of Ionic White™.*

A shiny white smile can turn into a precious accessory and a secret triumph of success!

Frequently, many of us instil in ourselves that the perfect appearance is only achieved with a lot of money. We do not take into account that by changing our smile, we can recover our lost self-esteem. Although, at first sight, albeit an insignificant thing, our shiny, white smile can turn into a precious accessory and secret triumph of success in your career, your friendships, in your relationships with your partner.

What to do so that others determine you through your smile: “the girl with the nice smile” of "the man with the shiny white teeth" and to attract attention just by smiling? You can stop being surprised every time that others get rid of their stains on their teeth, thanks to Ionic White™. It is very easy, with minimum effort and money, in just 21 minutes, at home, in front of the mirror. Go to rep the difference soon on the same day, and on the following day your will feel for yourself that you feel good in your skin because, when you have a good appearance, you feel good.*

* Results may vary depending on individual teeth condition and enamel type.

Ionic White gives you the self-confidence to achieve more in life!