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How does it whiten?
Answer: Ionic White™ is a technology developed especially to whiten teeth using hydrogen peroxide 0.1% as an active substance whose action is accelerated by a gel that contains silver ions and blue LED light. The silver ions work with the whitening agent which causes it to act with more intensity and faster which deeply penetrates the tooth. In this way, the tooth is effectively cleaned and protected from future stains caused by tea, tobacco, coffee, Coca-Cola and red wine.
Does teeth-whitening with Ionic White™ harm your enamel?
Answer: No, teeth-whitening with Ionic White™ doesn’t harm your enamel and it’s not damaging to your health, as its particular revolutionary method is the least damaging and fastest way to whiten your teeth. Ionic White™ is a clinically proven method to eliminate unwanted stains on your teeth caused by tobacco, foods, drink and also by age. Laboratory trials prove there is no harmful effect with Ionic White™ and, without doubt, they classify it as a phenomenal way to get a shiny, white smile. The method is entirely effective and without any risk to your health, corresponding to the European Directive 76/768/CEE relating to the use of teeth-whitening products.
The device doesn’t fit in my mouth. What should I do?
Answer: the gel will reach all of your teeth in a way that doesn’t have any impact on whether or not the device fits in your mouth perfectly. It’s important not to forget to keep the light turned on for two minutes after applying the product.
There doesn’t seem to be very much gel in the tube. Will there be enough to do the whole application?
Answer: Yes, the gel in the tube will be enough for the whole course of teeth-whitening, even for a more abundant use of the gels. Put the gel on the device according to the instructions and you’ll see that during its functioning, it spreads and is completely sufficient.
What are the Whitening Rinse Sprays used for?
Answer: To maintain the whitening effect. When you’ve finished the main whitening course with the gels, the whitening process continues by maintaining the whitening effect for more time, using the sprays. The Whitening Rinse Spray is an invention of Ionic White, which represents a unique formula that is made up of dental teeth-whitening agents.
How long does the effect of the use of Ionic White™ take?
Answer: The effect takes more than a year. This makes Ionic White™ a mandatory way of caring for your teeth.
How long will it take to see results?
Answer: 21 minutes after the first application. Your teeth will continue to whiten a few days after first applying the product. Don’t forget to use the Ionic White™ Rinse Sprays in order to keep your teeth white, which will therefore protect your new white teeth and the whitening process will continue.
How many shades lighter will my teeth become?
Answer: The results vary from 4 to 10 shades. Ionic White™ works 100% of the time but the effect depends upon to what degree and for what reason your teeth are stained and for how long your teeth have been in this state. We guarantee that you will see an incredible difference from the first application.
What does “Ionic” signify and how does it work as the technology that is applied through Ionic White™?
Answer: The gel contains silver ions that are activated by being exposed to undamaging blue LED light. The silver ions activate the principal whitening substances and in this way manage to act more intensively and permeate deeper into the tooth.
What does Ionic White™ taste like?
Answer: Ionic White™ has a pleasant mint flavour.
Can Ionic White™ be used to whiten fillings, crowns, artificial bridges or dentures?
Answer: No. Fillings, crowns, artificial bridges or dentures cannot be whitened by any whitening product. The product is aimed at whitening natural teeth by permeating the enamel and whitening the tooth from outside to inside.
Why should I whiten my teeth at the front and the back?
Answer: Your teeth are transparent! If you whiten the front of your teeth, the stains at the back will be visible, and it’s more common for the back of your teeth to be darker and more stained than the front.
Why do you need two gels?
Answer: The first gel contains the whitening component and the second gel is the ionic activator. They react when mixed.
How does the “Stay White Spray” for whiteness maintenance work?
Answer: the spray contains the same active substances as the gels but in a lower concentration. It’s made in a way that keeps your teeth white, but only after having applied the gels to obtain the best results.
Can the light harm me in any way?
Answer: No. It is only light. This has a determined frequency to activate the silver ions but it’s as harmless as any other light in your house, particularly seeing that it’s LED (light emitting diode) which is considered the least harmful and closest to natural light.
Why does the kit have six gels?
Answer: For the treatment, you need two tubes of gel. One of these contains a whitening substance and the other is the ionic activator. You need to make three applications using one package of each type of gel (3x2), 6 in total.
Can Ionic White™ be applied to whiten sensitive teeth?
Answer: Yes, the Ionic White™ System is completely harmless and is developed with respect to teeth sensitivity; therefore it can be applied by people with sensitive teeth. The appliance of the Ionic White™ System does not cause additional teeth sensitivity.

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